Everybody wants to play in Abu Dhabi 3×3 Tour

The first day of the Abu Dhabi 3×3 Tour’s opening round gathered in ADNEC around 400 basketball lovers from Abu Dhabi, either registered players or fans.

It was a lot of passion on and off the court, with plenty of great actions from the players and joyful cheers from the stands.


Everybody was celebrating basketball and competition in the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center and also a way to stay active and healthy playing the most popular urban team sport in the world, 3×3 basketball.

There were almost 250 players registered – a total of 64 teams – and the schedule was packed from 9PM to 2AM, on all of the four courts placed in ADNEC for the Abu Dhabi Sports Festival.

Officials from Abu Dhabi Sports Council and UAE Basketball Association, the two organizations that contributed to the success of this event were present during the first day and are expected also today for the final rounds and the award ceremonies.

Everyone is invited to the basketball part in ADNEC, and even you didn’t get the chance to register, you can still be part of the action an win prizes in our contests.

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