See the teams qualified for the Tour Final!

The Abu Dhabi 3×3 Tour Final will take place on 7-8 May, at Corniche East Plaza and will reunite the best teams from the three regular stages that took place in the first season of Abu Dhabi 3×3 Basketball Tour.

After two stages that took place in Abu Dhabi (Marina Sports Club and Nation Towers) and one in Al Gharbia – Madinat Zayed, a total of 50 teams were qualified for the Tour Final.

For the Open Men and U18 Boys were opened 12 spots for each category, while for Open Women, U18 Girls, U15 and U13 Boys, six spots were opened for each category. The only two teams that participated for U15 category will also be part of the Tour Final, and will play one more game to decide the champion.

The teams were qualified in the order of the final standings, with the mention that if a team had already been qualified from another event, the next team in the standings was chose.

Every team has the right to change up to two players for the Tour Final, by sending the request to the organizers HERE, until the confirmation deadline for all the teams, which is: Monday, 27 April 2015.

If a team doesn’t confirm the participation at the Tour Final until the deadline, it will be replaced by the next team from the final standing of the respective event and category.

Here is the breakdown of the teams qualified:

Open Men U18 Boys
Abu Dhabi (Novi Sad)(1st place – Stage 1) ISC U18 PLE(1st place – Stage 1)
Bone Collectors(2nd place – Stage 1) The Trio AUS(2nd place – Stage 1)
CSS 5(3rd place – Stage 1) Red Hot Ballers(3rd place – Stage 1)
Abu Dhabi All Stars(5th place – Stage 1) Prodigy(4th place – Stage 1)
NBA Team(6th place  – Stage 1) Mythical Ballers(5th place  – Stage 1)
Head Bangers(7th place – Stage 1) The G UAE(6th place  – Stage 1)
The One(1st place – Stage 2) Emperador(1st place – Stage 4)
Glenelg(2nd place – Stage 2) Spartans(2nd place – Stage 4)
Al Ain(2nd place – Stage 4) Power Puff Boys(3rd place – Stage 4)
AUS(3rd place – Stage 4) Pappys(4th place – Stage 4)
Xosslu(5th place – Stage 4) Immig Masters(5th place – Stage 4)
Doha Juniors(6th place – Stage 4) Joda Ballers(6th place – Stage 4)
Open Women U18 Girls
AUH(1st place – Stage 1) Bolayogs(1st place – Stage 1)
Lady Dragons(2nd place – Stage 1) Whogoat(2nd place – Stage 1)
Lady Hornets(3rd place – Stage 1) Tinda Tunde(3rd place – Stage 1)
Al Ain Black Trojans(2nd place – Stage 4) Smek UZD(1st place – Stage 4)
Heat UAE(3rd place – Stage 4) Youngbloods(2nd place – Stage 4)
Titans(4th place – Stage 4) Team Magayon(3rd place – Stage 4)
U15 Boys U13 Boys
TFCPA Titans(1st place – Stage 1) NBA Baniyas(1st place – Stage 1)
TFCPA Bibsybabes(2nd place – Stage 1) XIS Players(2nd place – Stage 1)
TFCPA Shabsooters(3rd place – Stage 1) Baniyas All Star(1st place – Stage 2)
Breezy Boys(1st place – Stage 4) VIP Baniyas(2nd place – Stage 2)
Team Pacquaio(2nd place – Stage 4) Hoops DXB(1st place – Stage 4)
Panda Roquote(3rd place – Stage 4) Heat(2nd place – Stage 4)
U15 Girls
Malago(1st place – Stage 1)
Advance Team One(2nd place – Stage 1)

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