Sandstorm ruined our plans for Al Ain 3×3 tournament

The third stage of the Abu Dhabi 3×3 Basketball Tour, that was suppose to take place on 2-3 April in Al Ain, was cancelled due to bad weather conditions from Thursday.

For the safety and personal security of the players and spectators, the organizers of the tournament took the decision to cancel the event. The tournament will be postponed for a date that it will be announced soon.

The sandstorm that disrupted all the activities in the GCC area hit Al Ain on Thursday morning, after all the setup for the 3×3 basketball event was ready to host the games, in the parking facility of Al Jimi Mall. The courts became impracticable, the visibility was poor and the traffic conditions were very dangerous, causing problems mainly from the teams coming from outside the city.

Abu Dhabi 3×3 Basketball Tour will continue with the fourth regular stage, that will take place in Al Ain, on 16-17 of April, at the Nation Towers. The registrations will open on 4th of April.

The first ever 3×3 Basketball Tour from UAE will conclude on 7-8 of May, on Corniche East Plaza with the Final, with the best teams battling for the title.


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